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Taking a shower should be a refreshing and safe experience, but the risk of slips and falls in wet and soapy environments can make it a hazardous task. That’s why many people turn to anti-slip solutions for their shower trays, such as stickers, mats, paint, and coatings. However, the question arises: How easy or hard is it to clean these anti-slip shower trays?

In this article, we will explore the cleaning challenges faced by various anti-slip products and shed light on an innovative solution offered by SENSTEC—a patented anti-slip shower tray designed for both safety and ease of maintenance.

Understanding the Cleaning Challenges:

Over time, regular anti-slip products, such as stickers and mats, can accumulate dirt and grime that becomes increasingly difficult to clean fully. Despite thorough efforts, remnants of grime may linger, compromising the effectiveness of these anti-slip measures. Additionally, during the cleaning process, the anti-slip properties of these products can be damaged, rendering them less effective and potentially increasing the risk of accidents.

Introducing SENSTEC’s Anti-Slip Shower Tray:

SENSTEC has developed an anti-slip shower tray with a patented “dimple” design, which offers both reliable grip and effortless cleaning. Unlike traditional anti-slip products, the dimple pattern allows dirt and grime to flow freely, preventing the accumulation of gunk and making it easier to maintain cleanliness. With SENSTEC’s innovative solution, you can enjoy a safer showering experience while still having something that isn’t hard to clean.

Easy to clean, SENSTEC shower tray proves that anti-slip doesn't have to be difficult to clean as we can see from this luxury bathroom
SENSTEC comes in any colour and a wide range of sizes.

Easy Cleaning Instructions:

SENSTEC provides simple and effective cleaning instructions to ensure the longevity of their anti-slip shower trays. All you need is some soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. Simply wipe clean the shower tray after use to maintain all the tray’s anti-slip qualities and keep it looking brand new. If cleaned, SENSTEC will not lose any of its anti-slip qualities over the lifetime of the tray, unlike many alternative products. By following these instructions, you can keep your tray clean and maintain its reliable anti-slip properties.

“Our housekeeping team have found them very easy to maintain using our eco-friendly cleaning products. Guest feedback has been very positive to our new look bathrooms.”

Noreen Fetton – Rooms Division Manager – Dromoland Castle


When it comes to anti-slip shower trays, cleanliness and safety are paramount. While conventional anti-slip products may become challenging to clean and lose their effectiveness over time, SENSTEC’s patented dimple design ensures easy maintenance and lasting grip. By adhering to straightforward cleaning instructions, you can keep your SENSTEC tray clean and rely on its anti-slip properties for a safe and enjoyable showering experience. Investing in an anti-slip shower tray that prioritises both safety and ease of cleaning, like SENSTEC, is a wise choice. Say goodbye to the arduous task of scrubbing away the grime and embrace a worry-free shower experience with an anti-slip solution that keeps you secure and your shower tray spotless.

David from Beggs and Partners in Belfast talks about cleaning SENSTEC amongst other subjects in his Showroom Spotlight video available HERE.

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