Meet David from Beggs and Partners, Belfast

Meet David from Beggs and Partners in Belfast. First opened over 60 years ago, in that time, Beggs and Partners have grown to open a total of 7 showrooms in Northern Ireland and an additional 5 in England with more to come.

“…they [customers] are also very taken with ease of cleaning, because other trays where the texture is almost sprayed on like a sand paper effect, can be very very difficult to clean. Where as the SENSTEC tray has the dimple embedded into the tray it makes for a lot easier cleaning”

David – Beggs and Partners, Belfast

The displays at Beggs are always kept to the highest standards to ensure that there are always clean, well-made bathrooms to view with the most up-to-date, on-trend fixtures and fittings.

Beggs and Partners have locations in:

Northern Ireland:



🚿Derry City,











Go to meet David from Beggs and Partners in Belfast or find out more about Beggs and Partners HERE.

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