We recognise that architects are among the most important members of any design team, so we have prepared a RIBA-accredited CPD Module - ‘SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray’ - which RIBA has added to its core curriculum. The module focuses on Anti-Slip shower trays and gives a clear insight to current legislation, an explanation of what is currently on the market, the two most widely used methods of testing and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.

CPD module will help architects to make informed choices when specifying Anti-Slip shower trays with the following learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of the two main methods of Slip Measurement.
  • An understanding of whether the Anti-Slip properties are part of the shower tray design, or an applied coating after manufacture.
  • An understanding of any limitations the Anti-Slip properties may have on the shower tray guarantee.
  • An understanding of whether the slip resistance values consider likely contaminants found in the shower tray, such as soap suds.
  • Please contact Classic Marble (Showers) Ltd to register your interest in taking part in this RIBA CPD.