Size & Shape: A Guide to Choosing the Right Anti-Slip Tray

SENSTEC comes in 4 different shapes: square, rectangle, quadrant (a right-angled triangle with a rounded top) and offset quadrant (a rectangle with one corner rounded). To make sure the shape you want fits perfectly, SENSTEC also comes in a range of 42 different sizes.

But which is right for you?

SENSTEC 4 Variations
SENSTEC is available in 4 shapes

There isn’t a golden ratio for what size shower you should have compared to your bathroom floor space but anything over 900cm is considered a reasonable space. It’s important to consider the clearance space you’ll need for your shower enclousre door (if it hinges out into the bathroom space).

Finally deciding the function shower and where you are going to store your in-shower products can help finalise the decision made around the size and shape of your shower tray. Are you going to have a walk-in shower, will the enclosure cover the whole tray or just part and where will the shampoos be accessible will all be factors when choosing size and shape.


SENSTEC Square Icon

Square shower trays come in 3 sizes; 800×800, 900×900, and 1000×1000 with an additional 25mm which can be shaved off each wall-touching side to give you even more flexibility and the perfect fit.

Square shower trays are often used in the corners of bathrooms much like a quadrant-shaped tray but the square has a lot more flexibility when it comes to choosing a shower enclosure. A square tray will allow you to have sliding or hinged doors, which gives you a lot more options when it comes to deciding exactly how and where you want to enter your shower.


SENSTEC Quadrant Icon

The quadrant comes in 1000 x 1000, 900 x 900, and 800 x 800, and like all SENSTEC trays, can have 25mm taken off any wall-touching side.

The Quadrant gives a much smoother line than the square tray without having the same pointed edges. The quadrant is perfect for the corner of a room and is especially great in small spaces as the rounded edge reduces the overall footprint of the tray, giving you more floor space. If you’re considering a quadrant, be sure to look at what type of shower enclosure you’d like before making your purchase as the choice can be limited compared to square or rectangular trays.


SENSTEC Offset Quadrant Icon

An offset Quadrant is a similar shape but this time it’s a rectangle with a rounded edge. A great way to elongate your showering area with a walk-in style rectangle whilst still having the smooth sweeping edge which also saves space. The offset quadrant comes in a left and right version depending on where you want the curved edge.


SENSTEC Rectangle Icon

Our most popular shape is the rectangle which comes in a huge range of sizes (see table below). This shape is great for larger or walk-in showers and, like the square, has a lot of options when it comes to enclosures.

The rectangle shape is our most popular for a few reasons. The rising popularity of replacing baths for showers has given people a lot of space in their bathrooms for large walk-in showers. People prefer these as you get the benefits of a wet room, being able to move around the shower and walk in/out of the water, while still containing any dirt or liquid in one area. The downside of being able to walk up and down the shower tray is the risk of slips and falls increases dramatically, leaving you with even more reasons to buy an anti-slip shower tray.


In summary, SENSTEC offers 4 distinctive shower tray shapes: square, quadrant, offset quadrant and rectangle, all available in various sizes for a precise fit in your bathroom.

The square tray provides design flexibility, accommodating sliding or hinged doors for convenient shower access. The quadrant, with its rounded edges, optimizes space, making it ideal for compact bathrooms and corners with the offset quadrangle elongating two sides to make the shape more rectangular for a more ‘walk-in’ style shower.

Our most popular option, the rectangle, comes in a wide range of sizes, perfect for spacious or walk-in showers. However, do consider the risk of slips and falls, emphasizing the need for a SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray for added safety and peace of mind.

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