Safe With SENSTEC: From 5-Star Hotel To ‘Aging In Place’ home

Love At First Shower

After over 40 years of manufacturing shower trays for the UK and Ireland, Classic Marble shipped to the States for the first time after impressing an American couple staying at one of Ireland’s 5-star castle resorts. We caught up with Kim to find out why this nurse decided that SENSTEC was the right choice for her home.

“I first became aware of SENSTEC when I stayed at Dromoland Castle for a friend’s wedding, we all flew over from Maine. I’d been looking for a product to help with the house planning that was going to be low entry and safe. I was able to stay there, at the castle, and use the product for 5 days. I was really pleased with it, so much so, that before we left, I did take my cell phone camera into the shower to take a picture of the name of the company.” 

This was Kim Noble’s first impression of SENSTEC over a year ago. She went on to contact SENSTEC and they pulled out all the stops to make sure she got the tray she was clearly in love with. 

Dromoland Castle picture from the sky. Luxury hotel trust SENSTEC for safety in their showers
Dromoland Castle – Ireland.

Find out more about Dromoland here.

A Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist Opinion.

“The most special thing for me” Continues Kim. “Is that I’m a registered nurse, (as well as a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist) which means safety is the most important thing in the shower. I guess the biggest test was using soap and conditioning products whilst in the shower because I never felt unsteady on my feet in there. I never felt […] unstable or risk a fall for using products we all use every day in our showers and that was really a big selling point for me.”

Last week Christopher Hackett, MD, Classic Marble (makers of SENSTEC) accepted an invitation to the ‘Aging in Place Open House’ and flew out to Maine to meet Kim and see for himself the first SENSTEC tray installed in America.

Christopher and Kim at Kim’s home in Maine.

Kim said, “For myself and my husband, being from the States, we did contact SENSTEC to question if the product would be available. The promptness of the response was absolutely incredible. I know we have to convert from meters to feet but that part was very simple. Then obtaining the product, through international means, for us it was very simple. Communication I have to say was one of the best things as well.”

Christopher was able to view not only the bathroom but the whole home which has been made to allow people to ‘Age in Place’. With all that said, was SENSTEC the star of the show? 

5 Months Of Trust In SENSTEC

The Noble’s plan was to invest in products like SENSTEC so they get the advantages of the product today, as well as having safe showering for many years to come. With this in mind, Christopher needed to find out if they still loved the product as much after living with it for 5 months.

“With SENSTEC, safety is the first selling point for me with the experience we had. When we obtained the product and we learnt how easy it was to clean it was like an even bigger bonus. It’s so simple to keep clean. When using SENSTEC the feel on our feet is unbelievable it’s very comfortable, kind of feels like I’m giving my feet a little massage when I’m using it.” Finished Kim.

Kim’s house was open to the public for anyone wanting to learn about how to prepare your home for ‘Aging in Place’, more information on this can be found in Lisa M.Cini’s ‘BOOM’- The Baby Boomers Guide to Preserving Your Freedom and Thriving as You Age in Place.

Visit Lisa’s website here.

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