Is an Anti-Slip Shower Tray Worth It?

It’s hard when buying a new bathroom to find the right balance between value vs luxury as well beauty vs safety. This normally leaves buyers confronted with the question ‘Is an anti-slip shower tray worth it?’. Here is why we think it is worth your hard earned money.

Types of anti-slip shower trays and their advantages: 

The two main types of anti-slip shower trays are those with integrated anti-slip properties and those with an applied coating. 

On an integrated anti-slip tray, the anti-slip properties are built directly into the tray, ensuring they do not degrade over time or with use. This creates a dependable level of anti-slip that you can rely on, particularly in commercial settings where consistency is crucial. 

Applied coatings are used on shower trays after the manufacturing process, with paint or stickers being the most prevalent options. These coatings are often inexpensive and can be applied even after the shower tray is installed. But they aren’t without their issues. Regular reapplication is necessary, creating an inconsistency in the expected level of anti-slip performance on a day-to-day basis.

Timing is everything

Which route to go?

For a lot of people, that decision will have already been made for them. If a shower tray is already installed, replacing the tray isn’t a cost-effective option and the only other route to safer showering is with an applied coating. Keeping them clean can be time-consuming or often impossible and reapplication will be needed from time to time, but anything is better than slipping.

If a bathroom is being remodelled, there’s a lot more options out there. Installing a shower tray with an integrated system would give a higher standard of anti-slip which would last the lifetime of the tray. An integrated anti-slip will be a premium, but the tray will give better anti-slip properties with less of the drawbacks associated with an applied coating. 

Showing the worth of an anti-slip shower tray. A luxury bathroom with a SENSTEC anti-slip shower tray.
A SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray – Safe & Stylish

Conclusion, Is An Anti-Slip Shower Tray Worth It:

For most people, wanting an anti-slip tray comes after an event that made us feel unsafe in the shower, that could be a near miss while showering, a friend who fell or an injury that’s changed our confidence on our feet.

To make a current bathroom safe again, the only options are buying a sticker, anti-slip paint or any other applied coating in order to add grip to the surface. 

When remodelling a bathroom, that’s when the real choice can be made. If feeling safe in the shower is of the utmost importance, allocating a larger budget to the shower tray will allow for a top-of-the-range anti-slip solution. Providing safety and confidence with none of the drawbacks, like reapplying or being difficult cleaning. If the budget doesn’t allow for this, or the priorities lie elsewhere, then an allied coating can bridge the gap between a fully integrated anti-slip shower tray and a basic tray.  

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