Do Anti-Slip Shower Trays Work?

The quick answer is yes! The real question is how long do they stay effective? Let’s take a look…

To be questioning the validity of the claims made by anti-slip products, it’s most likely you’ve been let down by one in the past. 

So to answer the question ‘Do Anti-Slip Shower Trays Work?’, we need to talk about why some don’t!

Why Some Anti-Slip Shower Trays Don’t Work

The biggest reason for the failure of an anti-slip solution is the cleanliness of the anti-slip, simple as that. 

“Try and imagine decking around a house or paving slabs on a path. When they are dry they aren’t slippery – when they are wet they aren’t necessarily slippery either, however, bring yourself to the start of spring when you can get a green growth on the surface and then imagine a shower of rain – now it is slippery.

It is the contaminant on the surface that makes it slippery. The same for a shower tray – if the anti-slip shower tray gets dirty or you can’t keep it clean then it will become slippery.”

Christopher Hackett, discussing anti-slip during an anti-slip training course.

Shower trays deal with a lot of dirt, this could be body fats, slippery body washes, sweat or grime. Naturally, the base of the shower tray will accumulate dirt as it channels the water down the drain and needs to be kept clean. 

The issue is how well can you keep the anti-slip texture clean and will the cleaning break down the anti-slip coating.

Applied Coatings: How they work and why they fail

Applied coatings are the most common form of anti-slip, we’ve covered them in detail in this blog (click here). Basically, an applied coating is something you add to the tray after the manufacturing process, stickers, texture paint ect. 

Firstly, these are difficult to clean, due to their grit-like texture. This is great for your feet to grip but the same applies to the grime. Quite quickly you’ll either see one of two things: 


Since an applied coating is the most popular anti-slip, these two reasons are likely to be why you’re questioning the use of anti-slip in showers.

Integrated Design: How they work and why they fail

The main difference with integrated design is that the anti-slip components are manufactured into the tray making it permanent and non-degradable, unlike an applied coating. This makes the anti-slip components last the lifetime of the tray and means each tray is the same creating confidence in consistency.

Look at the size and shapes created in the anti-slip and assess how easy getting into all those small gaps for cleaning is. For most, the gaps are far larger and more uniform than those of an applied coating therefore they are easier to keep clean. The permeant nature of the anti-slip also allows the user to clean with stronger chemicals without worrying about the anti-slip breaking down.

SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Trays: Why it’s different 

“When designing SENSTEC we had 3 design pillars that were all essential to creating what we set out to design, the best anti-slip shower tray in the world.
 This meant the tray needed to be just as effective after 10 years of use as it was on the first day and that every shower tray had an identical level of grip. This allows the owner to trust every tray equally regardless of age, shape or colour if it’s a SENSTEC, it works.”

Stephen Hackett
The senstec design pillars: Comfort, Slip resistance and Cleanability.

Those design pillars are:

After 42 prototypes and years of research, we finally settled on the perfect size, shape and distribution of our dimples (the protrusions) which surpassed our expectations in all 3 categories. In fact, our research was so unique we were able to secure the patent for our anti-slip.

SENSTEC dimples break the foot’s contact with the flat, slippery bottom of the tray elevating parts of the foot away from the slippery surfaces creating grip. These dimples are designed to have no straight edges so dirt can simply flow past them, leaving the dimples clean and the dirt washed away.

For many years SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Trays have been a pride of place in some of the UK and Ireland’s most illustrious hotels including the 5-star Irish castle hotel Dromoland Castle.  Here is what their team had to say…

“The SENSTEC shower tray has proved to be a revelation – it has a unique anti-slip feature which is invaluable from a health & safety perspective. Our housekeeping team has found them very easy to maintain using our eco-friendly cleaning products.”

Dromoland Castle
Dromoland Castle home to many SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Trays

We also have Peter Butts thoughts on anti-slip after staying in a hotel with less than desirable looking anti-slip…

Well, here’s the reason, from a recent trip to a certain purple-branded hotel chain that uses steel trays with ‘anti-slip’ disks (stuck on or sprayed on, I don’t know as I didn’t want to get any closer than standing on it!).
These are clearly difficult for the housekeeping team to keep clean.

With Senstec, you can barely see the dimples from a distance and, when showering, muck is being washed away- not getting ingrained into an applied coating.

Senstec is now our go-to first choice to recommend to clients as part of their projects where anti-slip surfaces are requested.

Peter Butt – Business Manager, The Adroit Services Partnership


Most anti-slip on the market work for a time. 

Just like the sole of a good pair of walking boots, the more you use them the less grip you have and if you are walking around with the tread clogged up with mud, they’re as good as a pair of skis. So like everything maintenance is the key:

If regular maintenance and a constantly changing level of grip is acceptable there are plenty of options for you with paints, stickers and matts.

If you are looking for something more reliable, sustainable and of a higher grip level in the first place, a SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray will work for you, not just today but every time you shower. 

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Do Anti-Slip Shower Trays Work?
Do Anti-Slip Shower Trays Work?

The quick answer is yes! The real question is how long do they stay effective? Let’s take a look… To be questioning the validity of the claims made by anti-slip products, it’s most likely you’ve been let down by one in the past.  So to Read more