Did Your Bathroom Cope With The Christmas Rush?

Christmas Themed Bathroom

Most people’s Christmases involve mass gatherings of families or friends which inevitably ends up in the overnight guest (or 5).  Some guests will fit into one’s home life and routine without concern, but others will need a little extra thinking about. Here’s why upgrading your bathroom with a SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray will not only ensure safe showering for the permanent residents of the home but also allow you to host all year round. 

Safety That Empowers Independence

The number one goal when considering shower safety should be to empower people to shower both safely and independently for as long as possible. Most handrails in shower cubicles are to give the occupant something to hold onto while negotiating a slippery surface. This could be to catch themselves if they slip or to take away some of the weight going through the legs and instead hold one’s body weight in their arms. In both examples, the rail is trying to make you safe while in a situation that has been agreed to be unsafe. 

A SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray has a different approach, make the surface you stand on consistently stable and grippy making the occupant safe and confident. A SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray works by breaking the foot’s contact with the slippery, flat bottom of the shower tray thus creating grip. When undergoing independent testing a wet and very soapy SENSTEC Tray was able to be tilted past 30 degrees without causing the user (walking up and down the tray) to slip or lose their footing.

Read more about how we put SENSTEC to the test.

Elegance & Practicality In Harmony

The best and most helpful technological advancements will integrate into life effortlessly and as discreetly as possible.

SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Trays are all made to the highest manufacturing standards, their sleek, elegant design comes in a huge range of shapes and sizes and can be made in any colour (including colour matching service). This allows your bathrooms to compromise on neither style nor safety.

Find out more about SENSTEC’s endless colour options.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Anyone who’s ever tried to use an anti-slip paint or sticker will know how dirty they can get within weeks of installation, not to mention their diminishing effect when they become dirty traps. Now imagine trying to keep these gleaming with a house full over the already busy Christmas period. Not fun. 

SENSTEC’s Anti-Slip Shower Tray was designed to be easy to clean, as confirmed by the housekeeping division in one of Ireland’s premier hotels. If they love them, we know you will when your family expect hotel service in your home. Simply put, SENSTEC has no special cleaning requirement or will it take any longer than a normal tray.  

See the Dromoland Castle Case Study.


A SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray is an investment in safety and style for the lifetime of the tray. With no degradation to the qualities of the shower tray, there is no downsides to being prepared for what the future holds and getting your SENSTEC installed during your next bathroom. 

SENSTEC will blend seamlessly into any bathroom keeping all who use it extra safe while in the shower especially those at a higher risk of slips and falls. This extra peace of mind can be achieved without compromise in design. 

About Us

Put safety and luxury at the heart of your new bathroom with a SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray. Do not compromise on style with unlimited colour options, custom made to meet our customers exact requirements. With a large range of shapes and sizes our shower trays are compatible with all standard shower enclosures and will fit seamlessly into your new bathroom. Learn more about us

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