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When the prestigious 5-star Irish hotel, Dromoland Castle, decided to enhance its guest experience with SENSTEC Anti-slip Shower Trays in 2020, little did they know that it would pave the way for SENSTEC to sell into the USA for the first time.

Focusing on guest safety and comfort, Dromoland Castle sought top-quality shower trays that would provide unparalleled safety measures, ensuring their guests felt secure throughout their stay. With equal importance placed on easy cleanability to address the challenges of maintaining anti-slip surfaces, the hotel aimed to seamlessly integrate these features into their luxurious 5-star en-suites. SENSTEC proved to be the perfect solution, exceeding expectations.

Fast forward a few years, when an American couple, the Nobles, embarked on a well-deserved vacation in Ireland and chose to stay at Dromoland Castle. Their encounter with SENSTEC would change everything. (Visit the Dromoland Castle Hotel website here)

Drumoland 5 Star Castle Hotel

Kim Noble, recounting their experience, said, “SENSTEC left a lasting impression on us, which is saying something during such an exciting vacation. The comfort of the tray while showering was remarkable. The dimples underfoot felt amazing to stand on, and it became evident when I moved around that those dimples were providing remarkable support. Despite the suds and movement, my feet remained securely anchored to the tray. SENSTEC doesn’t just passively ensure safety; it actively reassures you. This discovery truly broadened our perspective on available options.”

SENSTEC to sell into the USA for the first time.

Inspired by their delightful experience, the Nobles embarked on a home renovation journey, where SENSTEC became a priority. “Maine, where we reside, has an ageing population, and we embrace the ‘Aging in Place’ concept, designing homes to cater to our needs beyond retirement. SENSTEC ensures a long-lasting, safe showering experience,” added Kim Noble.

Eager to have SENSTEC in their home, the Nobles contacted SENSTEC via Instagram to explore the possibility of shipping a tray to the USA.

“At first, we were uncertain about facilitating the tray delivery, but deeply touched by their story and feedback, we were determined to make it happen. As shower trays are relatively uncommon in the USA, it was a learning experience for all parties involved,” shared Christopher Hackett, SENSTEC’s Managing Director.

Maintaining close communication throughout the process, Kim and Christopher exchanged updates on the handcrafted tray, showcasing SENSTEC’s dedication to their customers.

After overcoming shipping, packaging, and other logistical challenges, SENSTEC successfully dispatched the tray to the US. Enduring two snowstorms, multiple transportation modes including lorries, trains, and boats, the tray finally arrived in Maine, to await installation.

SENSTEC’s journey from an Irish 5-star hotel to the shores of America is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Dromoland Castle and the Nobles have proven that SENSTEC’s innovation transcends borders, delivering safety and comfort wherever it finds a home.

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