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When the prestigious 5-star Irish hotel, Dromoland Castle, decided to enhance its guest experience with SENSTEC Anti-slip Shower Trays in 2020, little did they know that it would pave the way for SENSTEC to sell into the USA for the first time.

Focusing on guest safety and comfort, Dromoland Castle sought top-quality shower trays that would provide unparalleled safety measures, ensuring their guests felt secure throughout their stay. With equal importance placed on easy cleanability to address the challenges of maintaining anti-slip surfaces, the hotel aimed to seamlessly integrate these features into their luxurious 5-star en-suites. SENSTEC proved to be the perfect solution, exceeding expectations.

Fast forward a few years, when an American couple, the Nobles, embarked on a well-deserved vacation in Ireland and chose to stay at Dromoland Castle. Their encounter with SENSTEC would change everything. (Visit the Dromoland Castle Hotel website here)

Drumoland 5 Star Castle Hotel

Kim Noble, recounting their experience, said, “SENSTEC left a lasting impression on us, which is saying something during such an exciting vacation. The comfort of the tray while showering was remarkable. The dimples underfoot felt amazing to stand on, and it became evident when I moved around that those dimples were providing remarkable support. Despite the suds and movement, my feet remained securely anchored to the tray. SENSTEC doesn’t just passively ensure safety; it actively reassures you. This discovery truly broadened our perspective on available options.”

SENSTEC to sell into the USA for the first time.

Inspired by their delightful experience, the Nobles embarked on a home renovation journey, where SENSTEC became a priority. “Maine, where we reside, has an ageing population, and we embrace the ‘Aging in Place’ concept, designing homes to cater to our needs beyond retirement. SENSTEC ensures a long-lasting, safe showering experience,” added Kim Noble.

Eager to have SENSTEC in their home, the Nobles contacted SENSTEC via Instagram to explore the possibility of shipping a tray to the USA.

“At first, we were uncertain about facilitating the tray delivery, but deeply touched by their story and feedback, we were determined to make it happen. As shower trays are relatively uncommon in the USA, it was a learning experience for all parties involved,” shared Christopher Hackett, SENSTEC’s Managing Director.

Maintaining close communication throughout the process, Kim and Christopher exchanged updates on the handcrafted tray, showcasing SENSTEC’s dedication to their customers.

After overcoming shipping, packaging, and other logistical challenges, SENSTEC successfully dispatched the tray to the US. Enduring two snowstorms, multiple transportation modes including lorries, trains, and boats, the tray finally arrived in Maine, to await installation.

SENSTEC’s journey from an Irish 5-star hotel to the shores of America is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Dromoland Castle and the Nobles have proven that SENSTEC’s innovation transcends borders, delivering safety and comfort wherever it finds a home.

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It’s hard when buying a new bathroom to find the right balance between value vs luxury as well beauty vs safety. This normally leaves buyers confronted with the question ‘Is an anti-slip shower tray worth it?’. Here is why we think it is worth your hard earned money.

Types of anti-slip shower trays and their advantages: 

The two main types of anti-slip shower trays are those with integrated anti-slip properties and those with an applied coating. 

On an integrated anti-slip tray, the anti-slip properties are built directly into the tray, ensuring they do not degrade over time or with use. This creates a dependable level of anti-slip that you can rely on, particularly in commercial settings where consistency is crucial. 

Applied coatings are used on shower trays after the manufacturing process, with paint or stickers being the most prevalent options. These coatings are often inexpensive and can be applied even after the shower tray is installed. But they aren’t without their issues. Regular reapplication is necessary, creating an inconsistency in the expected level of anti-slip performance on a day-to-day basis.

Timing is everything

Which route to go?

For a lot of people, that decision will have already been made for them. If a shower tray is already installed, replacing the tray isn’t a cost-effective option and the only other route to safer showering is with an applied coating. Keeping them clean can be time-consuming or often impossible and reapplication will be needed from time to time, but anything is better than slipping.

If a bathroom is being remodelled, there’s a lot more options out there. Installing a shower tray with an integrated system would give a higher standard of anti-slip which would last the lifetime of the tray. An integrated anti-slip will be a premium, but the tray will give better anti-slip properties with less of the drawbacks associated with an applied coating. 

Showing the worth of an anti-slip shower tray. A luxury bathroom with a SENSTEC anti-slip shower tray.
A SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray – Safe & Stylish

Conclusion, Is An Anti-Slip Shower Tray Worth It:

For most people, wanting an anti-slip tray comes after an event that made us feel unsafe in the shower, that could be a near miss while showering, a friend who fell or an injury that’s changed our confidence on our feet.

To make a current bathroom safe again, the only options are buying a sticker, anti-slip paint or any other applied coating in order to add grip to the surface. 

When remodelling a bathroom, that’s when the real choice can be made. If feeling safe in the shower is of the utmost importance, allocating a larger budget to the shower tray will allow for a top-of-the-range anti-slip solution. Providing safety and confidence with none of the drawbacks, like reapplying or being difficult cleaning. If the budget doesn’t allow for this, or the priorities lie elsewhere, then an allied coating can bridge the gap between a fully integrated anti-slip shower tray and a basic tray.  

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How do you make a shower tray anti-slip?

There are numerous methods of manufacturing shower trays, stone resin backed vacuum formed acrylic sheet or gel-coat, pressed steel, injection moulded and poured polyurethane to name a few. This is how shower trays can be made- but not the answer to the question- How do you make a shower tray anti-slip?

At the moment there are two main methods for the manufacture of anti-slip shower trays. Currently the most widely used method of making an anti-slip shower tray is the application of a coating after shower tray manufacture. The second is a shower tray made with integrated anti-slip properties therefore the anti-slip properties are already built in.

Applied Coating

An applied coating is just that, applied after the shower tray is manufactured. You start with a normal shower tray as per BS EN 14527 and you apply a coating. This can be done by hand or by a degree of automation and may or may not go through a curing process.

The coating is in effect like a layer of sandpaper, the particles making what was a smooth surface less smooth. Depending on the granule size, shape and density, will have an impact on the slip resistance values.

One thing that I want to make clear is that any form of anti-slip shower tray is better than a normal standard shower tray- it really is a case of anything is better than nothing. That does not mean that it will be good enough- just better than nothing. Because of a lack or regulation- this is what our industry has been reduced to- a sorry state of affairs.

Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of both main methods of manufacture.

Advantages of an Applied Coating

There are several advantages to applied coatings. A major advantage is from a manufacturing perspective because the base shower tray production, processes and tooling require no change, and as a result is the most cost-effective solution.

Also, if a shower tray is sold without the factory applied anti-slip coating, DIY kits are available allowing the anti-slip coating to be applied after the shower tray is installed. For the 1000’s of shower trays installed long before anyone put the words anti-slip and shower trays together, this is a great solution.

Disadvantages of an Applied Coating

On the flip side there are also several disadvantages with coatings to be considered when looking at this option and weighing up against cost.

Most if not all shower trays that come with an applied coating have limitations of use. A good example of this is that the use of hair dye is prohibited. I don’t know about your house but this would be a problem in ours!

Another thing to be aware of and which is often overlooked is the life expectancy of the coating. A shower tray without the coating may well have a product guarantee of 15 years, but the coating itself can have a guarantee of as little as three. This is because of the temperature cycles in the tray, hot, cold, hot, cold….having an impact on the adhesion leading to eventual breakdown.

A further notable disadvantage to coatings is the cleanability. A shower tray that has been given a slip resistance value will have been measured in pristine condition, no build-up of body fat, dirt and grime. This body fat, dirt and grime will impact negatively on any slip testing. Coatings are notorious for being difficult to clean.

One more disadvantage is that the coating when applied manually can be either applied heavy or light, thick or thin. What is the slip resistance value of a ‘light’ coating when compared to a ‘heavy’ coating?

Integrated Anti Slip Properties

The second main method to manufacture an anti-slip shower tray is to design in the anti-slip properties into the tooling. This like everything also comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Integrated Anti Slip Properties

A major advantage of integrated manufacture of the anti-slip properties is that the anti-slip properties will be with the shower tray for the life of the shower tray. There will also be no limitations of use over that of a normal shower tray- pass me the hair dye!

Also, as the anti-slip properties are included in the tooling, every shower tray made from that tool should in theory have the same anti-slip properties, hence removing the variation associated with a thick/thin heavy/light coating.

For integrated manufacture, with the use of modelling software the ‘things’ that make it anti-slip can be precision engineered to give a high degree of comfort and also visualisations such as water flow can be considered ensuring no areas for the build-up of body fat, dirt or grime. This is important for consistency of slip testing values.

Two of the most important things when considering an anti-slip shower tray, above the actual slip resistance values are comfort and cleanability. We sometimes need reminded that the normal intended end use is in barefoot, wet and soapy conditions.

Disadvantages of Integrated Anti Slip Properties

The major disadvantage with this type of integrated anti-slip shower tray is the associated costs with new tooling, and let’s face it, costs are important but manufacturers who go down this route see the additional unit cost being justified by the considerable advantages they would claim it brings.


A third manufacturing method does exist but is relatively niche, made from a soft material that takes the shape of your feet when you stand in it. I don’t know enough about this product to knowledgeably discuss the advantages and disadvantages but at some time would hope to revisit and update this article.

These articles are designed to give sellers/buyers/specifiers the knowledge to compare different options and to understand why there are differing price points allowing informed decisions to use the anti-slip shower tray best suited for the given situation.

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