The Challenges

Tray Methodology

Manufacturers of shower trays sold within the EU must have their shower trays CE marked in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulations including EN 14527.

The first challenge that we came across was the realisation that whilst EN 14527 draws attention to the potential for slipping to increase when the surface of shower trays are wet, it does not detail particular tests or technical parameters for shower trays in relation to slip resistance.

As soon as we discovered this to be the case, our managing director joined the UK Slip Resistance Group, UKSRG, in order to raise awareness of this fact and to keep himself and the Classic Marble team fully up to date with changing legislation.

As a result, we found ourselves fulfilling an educational role, as well as developing a new product. Our next challenge was the actual design, so we turned to the aerospace tooling industry for help. This indicates the high level of precision engineering and expertise that the SENSTEC design required.

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